Brava is a micro coffee roaster based in Lisbon, founded in 2018 by Joana and Susana out of the desire to find “the perfect cup of coffee”. Following strict principles in the choice of beans, bringing together the best coffees and transforming the characteristics of the grain, through a careful roasting process into unique sensations for the palate.

Brava coffee roasters

For us coffee is not just a product, it's an entire experience.

For over 20 years, Joana and Susana have been involved in the world of restaurants and bars in Lisbon, always looking for the balance between the multiple inspirations they've been collecting on various trips and the experiences the city can offer. On their travels they confirmed that coffee is much more than just a drink. Going to drink a coffee also means an encounter. Coffee gathers people around, it’s a pretext for sharing and creating bonds. Drinking a specialty coffee takes this experience to a higher level, a coffee of excellence tells a story of community, culture, dedication, involvement and passion.